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@aborady #introductions any ruby developer here can help me? Jun 18, 7:57 AM 7
@aborady #introductions Hello i created simple <<yo webapp>> and everything got scaffolded right and >> grunt wiredep is working fine but i want couple of things i dunno how to do 1st - theres main.js file for custom scripts i need to know how to add Js files to the build task automatically to be uglified with scripts file in the build 2nd- when i grunt build it the images get copied with prefixes numbers i dont want that also anybody can help thanks Jun 4, 7:03 AM 6
@aborady #introductions gridstack.js demo file need explanation related to jquery May 21, 7:23 AM 5
@aborady #helprequest-3 anybody know about Magento Development Apr 12, 2:31 PM 4
@aborady #actionscript i got an Error StageVideoAvailabilityEvent was not found heres my code Mar 26, 2:07 PM 3
@j-mcnally #hacks How can I stream to Meerkat without the mobile app. Hacking on the Meerkat Api. Mar 17, 11:51 PM 2
@grimbode #node-js test Mar 6, 3:35 PM 1